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New option trading system is added in software.Entry and stoploss rules for special and TDF are modified and not updated in manual.Chat with our team for new rules.
gives 99% accurate live buy
and sell signals on any market
in the world( i.e.Equities,futures,commodities
 and forex. )for all types of trading like daytrading, short term trading and long term trading.
T.D.F.Software is launched with advanced fetures.

It has auto scanner which shows realtime buy and sell signals in all time frames. You can trade any market in the world with many datafeed options..
New option trading system is added in software.Now you can trade options of all world markets with TDF software.

Trade Nifty, banknfity and stock options with 99% accuracy. Chat with our team for more info.
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Please read  
carefully and understand 
all the rules clearly.

For online demo of T.D.F.Software, please visit free demo page.

live demo is avaialable from 10 am - 3 pm (Indian standard time).

T.D.F.Software comes with auto scanning in multiple time frames on unlimited number of stocks.


T.D.F.Software comes in two versions.
1. Standard version
2. Professional version
Pricing of Standard version:

 Rs.10,000  (200$) per month
Pricing of professional version:
Rs.20,000  (400$) per month

(Real time data charges are extra)


You can pay by credit card /debit card /netbanking /prepaiud card/atm card /online transfer /cash/cheque deposit into our account.

  Please visit  Subscription  page for                                         more details.

After making the payment,please
fill the form in  Subscription page.
You will receive setup file and
activation password in your mail
within 15 minutes after your paymnet
is received.






             T.D.F. SOFTWARE  is a full fledged charting and trading platform programmed with our proprietory  indicators
and expert advisors which give you 99% accurate live buy and sell signals to trade any market in the world.
T.D.F.Software gives you 99% accurate buy and sell signals in stocks, commodites and forex markets for daytrading,
short term trading and long term trading.

You can trade stocks, commodities and forex markets in all time frames from 1 minute to  monthly/rearly with s
ame 99% accuracy.
T.D.F.Software is programmed  with our proprietory  indicators like T.D.F.index and T.D.F.Oscillator and also comes
with proprietory expert advisor "T.D.F.Expert advisor " with automatic scanning facility in multiple time frames.

Please read T.D.F.Manual to know about our trading system and rules of entry, stoploss and exit .

Video tour of T.D.F.Software :  ( please watch the following video which shows all the features of T.D.F.Software.)

(Below video is of 2012 version. Many new features like ranking of special signals, new indicators, creating and managing groups,
template are added in latest version. Please watch live demo to see all latest features.)


       Major Features of T.D.F.Software:
      #  T.D.F.Software is a full fledged charting platform built in with our proprietory indicators and expert advisors.
      # T.D.F.Software is programmed with with more than 100 standard indicators like bollinger bands, macd, rsi,
          stochastics etc.
      #  TDF Software has all standard chart functions like trendlines, regressions, fibonacci etc.

      #  T.D.F. Software comes with multiple datafeed compatibility ,autoscanning facility in multiple time frames and many more advanced features.
          You can set the live scanners in whatever time frame you want for daytrading, short term trading or positional trading.Live scanners will show you
          as and when our buy and sell signals  are forming as per the rules of our trading system.
      #  All  buy and sell signals, entry ,exit and stoploss rules are explained  in  T.D.F.Manual  page.
      # T.D.F. Software works on multiple data feeds. It works with Metastock format data/ Amibroker format data / Barchart realtime data.
      # You can write your own formulas for scanners and expert advisors with easy to use scripting language..


      # can scan on unlimited number of stocks in multiple timeframes in live markets for buy and sell signals
         as per the built in formulas or your own formulas.
      # To know about indian stock and commodity data vendors, please chat with our live help or call us on (0)9704362291.
      # You can get realtime data of  more than 30 global stock , commodity and forex markets from
       #  Please click the following link to get more info about barchart realtime data for our T.D.F.Software.
       #  If you understand and follow the  T.D.F. Manual  rules  correctly,you can achieve 99% success rate in equities, commodities and forex.You can use it on any time frame
           for  scalping,Day trading,short term trading and long term trading.
       # All the trades we recomend to our subscribers are generated from this system only.All the charts uploaded on this website are also generated from this system.
       #  We are offering free online demo of T.D.F.Software through teamviewer during the market hours .We advice you to read  T.D.F.Manual  before registering
           for  demo.During the demo you can observe the signals generated in live market in NSE,MCX and NCDEX.

        # For Free live demo,Follow the instructions given in  Free demo page.

         #  We have monthly and yearly licencing fees for T.D.F.Software.
          T.D.F.Software comes in two versions.
          1. Standard version
          2. Professional version
        # All the features are same in both versions except for scanning function.
         In standard version you can automatically scan any six time frames in professional version you can scan unlimited number
          of time frames.
        # Online training and personal training will be provided for all clients.Please visit Training page for more details.    
You can find many examples of the trades generated with this system in  TDF Trades of 2013 ,TDF Trades of 2012
Some trades generated by T.D.F.Software in album format :

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